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We’ve never said that we wanted to sell Kaka, and we’ve never tried to sell him, Kaka has earned us lots of money.
He came to the club three years ago as an investment that has brought us big profits. Economically speaking, it’s a transfer that has borne fruits.

this is what Florentino Perez said last year about Kaka.

everyone worried about real madrid spending too much money on kaka can shut up, paying kaka is not a problem for madrid as he brings bigger profits, that’s how a club works. 

besides, kaka WANTS to leave, he’s aware that many assholes think of him as a “burden”. He did all he could this winter to go back to Milan, the deal broke down because of real madrid, if he was causing any problems for madrid, Perez would have unloaded him then but he didn’t, so if you wanna lose your respects for anyone its not kaka its Perez, as he said HE never wanted to sell him.

and kaka’s salary is stopping real madrid from buying young talent from other clubs? read the statment again, he earned them a lot of money, its a transfer that borne fruits, they are benefiting from kaka, if Perez is not buying talent go complain to him and don’t blame kaka for it because its not his fault.

as for my opinion, i do want kaka to leave madrid, i will be the happiest person on earth the day he leaves, beacuse it will be for his own good.

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“Funnily enough, I got into football because my father used to get bored with being in goal and we would swap places. My aunt and uncle gave me a goalkeeper’s shirt and a pair of gloves and that’s how it started. I have been here since I was eight. I’ve seen what the sports complex looked like before and what it looks like now, during my time here. I’ve been at Real Madrid for almost 15 years. I wouldn’t even think of leaving right now. I’ve always dreamt of starting here and retiring here. I’m delighted to be playing alongside these players and to think that in the future I’ll be able to say I played with Zidane or Ronaldo. But for now, I see them daily. Besides, I was here first so it’s as if they moved into my home after me.”
      -Iker Casillas

Goodbye Papa Mou

The Special One will depart at the end of this season. Things didn’t go how we all wanted it to be, sad ending to a sad season. Honestly speaking am glad you’re leaving, it might be because of you failure in Madrid but for me it’s also about you ruining Kaka’s career. I wanted to believe in you, tried to trust you but it wasn’t worth it. Your arrogance has made the fans happy about your departure but as you’re leaving let’s just forget all that now. I wish you a happy future wherever you go. You wanted to leave n go where u’re loved. Go back home Mou, go back to Chelsea. BYE! ♥


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